Speaking Engagements

Dr. Freedenthal speaks at events, meetings, and conferences for two primary purposes:


She has conducted workshops and presentations for audiences in the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand on the following topics:

  • Evidence-based treatments for people with suicidal thoughts
  • Treating chronic suicidality
  • Asking – and talking – about suicidal thoughts
  • Brave listening
  • Inspiring hope
  • Planning for safety
  • Client-centered vs. defensive practice
  • Challenges in assessing suicidal intent
    – and more.


In keynote talks, Dr. Freedenthal shares her personal story of suicidality, healing, and growth. Topics have included:

  • Understanding suicide’s allure
  • Defying stigma around suicidality and mental health
  • Post-traumatic growth after a suicide attempt
  • Fear and hope in suicide prevention
  • When the professional is personal
    – and more.

If you would like Dr. Freedenthal to speak at your event, to train your employees, or to conduct another kind of presentation, please complete the form.

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